Fimbulwinter’s Coming! …soon

Hello Supporters!

Important Info: Shipping Date
The shipping date for the book was estimated as the end of February. I would reluctantly like to move this back until the end of April.

The Reasons
There are a few reasons for this, including non payment for some work that has made life a little tricky. But the main reason is actually quite positive – the book is getting better. When you work on a big project like this there’s lots of experimenting early on where you test how ideas will play out. But at some point it has to start working- fitting together at the standard you aspire to. Well, that’s started happening and it’s a relief and very exciting.

The project was set-up to fit around work. Sketching up ideas- mostly on the train to work and then each illustration given a weekend to work. If I couldn’t get it right over that weekend i’d come back to it on another. As more pieces have come together and some ideas discarded the direction has become clearer and some of the recent work has been through 3 stages now to get it up to standard.

More Yummy but more Time!
The work is getting better but it’s taking more time. I’d like to finish the remaining illustrations to this standard and revisit some of the earliest ones and bring them in-line with the rest.

So, its approximately 8 weeks delay but better, more developed work! There’s some of the most recent layouts and bookmarks below. I sincerely hope that you agree with me, that the delay is worth it? Let me know what you think and I’ll keep you updated each week. Have a great weekend everyone!







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